I. Augmented Reality – Wire Frames & Tech Stack

Download  Off the Wall Tech Stack Walk Through

  1. user scans the mural
  2. interactive AR engagement; videos, animations, sounds, etc
  3. user clicks “about the mural” > can favorite > send to a friend
  4. user clicks “about the artist”
  5. user clicks external sites provided by the artist and/or platform
  6. user clicks > maps of other murals > guide to getting to another site

II.Augmented Reality Trials- Linking mural imagery to videos

III. CALL THE WALL, Work Samples

Bending Over Backwards, 2006-present (selects)

16th Street between Mission and Valencia, 2010. 25ftx35ft. Audio program # 415.325.4774.

Features a poem by the late Marilyn Buck and music by John Santos.

Bending Over Backwards explores the high wire act that thriving in today’s world can be, providing visual and audio metaphors for tenacious, exhilarating and daring flights made in the attempt to realize one’s dreams. The trapeze artists’ success is possible only with great discipline communication, strength, teamwork, vision, and humor; echoing some of the skills necessary for a viable life in late-stage capitalism of the twenty-first century. Several installations of BOB have not survived the onslaught of gentrification. However, after a set of figures has been ‘disappeared’ another set of figures soon emerges. The elements of time, history, memory and tenacity are embodied in these appearances and disappearances.

Performing Community: Bending Over Backwards, 2013 Bending Over Backwards is pictured in two neighborhoods of San Francisco, the Mission and SOMA, in an electrifying peak moment of their craft, embodying a mixture of whimsy, pathos and a sense of extraordinary possibility in their gravity-defying feat. The 2-dimensional murals of trapeze artists that each have an audio component and that are linked by audio/visual walking tours between the sites that reveal social, historical, political and environmental histories. Curated by Laura Poppiti and Kara Q. Smith, With Shaping San Francisco.

Installation at Performing Community exhibit at SomArts. Interactive map showing shoreline before landfills. Painter’s Tape, acrylic, plywood. With Becca LaFore
Visitors add their memories onto the map.

La Lucha Continua/The Struggle Continues

La Lucha Continua/The Struggle Continues

Susan Greene, Art Forces and Freedom Archives, Conceived and Directed by Susan Greene

3260 23rd St – between Mission and Capp Streets in San Francisco. Call the Wall: Dial

415.200.4587 followed by the extension number. Down load printable mural key here

About: The mural | Susan Greene, the artist
The portraits: Mumia Abu-JamalAristideJudi BariSoha BecharaMaurice BishopMadame Binh
Marilyn Buck
Sitting BullCesar ChavezRachel CorrieBernadette DevlinFranz FanonGhandi
Emma Goldman
Che GuevaraHandalaJoe HillDolores HuertaFrida KahloLeila Khaled
Martin Luther King Jr
., Lolita LebronAudre LordePatrice LumumbaRosa Luxemburg
Farabundo Martí
José MartíRigoberta MenchuLeonard PeltierArchbishop Oscar Romero
Edward Said
Augusto César SandinoAssata ShakurHarriet TubmanPancho Villa
Malcolm X
Sofia YamaikaEmiliano Zapata

Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project, www.olympiarafahmural.org

A project of Art Forces and Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

Initiated and directed by Susan Greene

4,000 Square Feet of International Solidarity, State and Capitol Streets, Olympia WA

Call the Wall: 360-252-9779, Ext 101-220

Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural Project

26th Street between Telegraph and Broadway, Oakland CA

Right – Left: Nidal El Khairy, IROT, VYAL, Emory Douglas, Chris Gazaleh, Erin Yoshi, Deadeyes, SPIE, Deena Mattar and Susan Greene.

Mural organizers Estria Foundation , Art Forces  and NorCal Friends of Sabeel.

Multi-Media program directed by Susan Greene

ext 11:     Nidal El Khairy
ext.12:    IROT
ext. 13:   VYAL
ext. 14:   Emory Douglas
ext. 15:   Chris Gazaleh
ext. 16:   Erin Yoshi
ext. 17:    Deadeyes
ext. 18:   SPIE
ext. 19:   Susan Greene
ext. 20:  Dena Matar

2- QR codes that link to website and video and phone number to call the wall are listed every 20 feet on the wall.

Sample QR Codes that are currently on the wall. Click to see the links to web-sites and files. IN DEVELOPMENT

Scan for Documentary by about the mural project and its context
Scan for more multi-media related to the mural and its context

Revolution is Love @ Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural from Art Forces on Vimeo.

Video: Revolution is Love–Valentines Day 2017, showing one of the many Off the Wall events at Uptown Body and Fender: Auto Shop by day–Event Space by Night.